Schachter & Associates - Your Strategic Thinking Partners
Open The Door to Exciting New Possibilities
You have a vision for your company's growth. For your team's growth.
For your own future.
But how often do you have the luxury of taking time out to just think about where you're headed
and why?   
To  recalibrate your plans? 
To examine your motives?
With Strategic Thinking Partners you can do just that.  Prepare  for upcoming challenges, explore opportunities through new eyes and different perspectives, and challenge your thinking to make sure your decisions are the best you can make.
We serve:
  • High-level executives and professionals facing career or personal transitions
  • High-potential managers on their way up
  • Entrepreneurs and executive directors without
     benefit of a confidential sounding board
  • Business leaders and accomplished individuals
     ready to build a lasting legacy
  • High-achievers who have neglected personal
     aspirations for career
An executive coach could be what just what you need to help you open that new door and walk through with confidence!  
Am I a good candidate for Executive Coaching?
To find out . . . please check all the boxes that apply to you.
I am facing a significant personal transition
I could use some help with team interactions
I am a little anxious about my promotion
I just don't seem to be able to fit it all in!
I'm ready to take things to the next level
I wish I had a confidential sounding board
I have some major personal decisions to make
I would love to build a legacy to leave behind
I seldom have time to just think things through
I'd love to have someone focus on just my issues
Please add anything specific you'd like to work on
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